Your business needs good information security to accelerate!

Security is like the brakes in your car. Good brakes allow you drive fast safely. No one will use a car without brakes. Brake malfunction leads to fatal accidents or prevents the car from accelerating.

Information security is a real challenge. Many organizations have failed to create and implement appropriate information security strategies.

Does your business have good “brakes”?

Is your business experiencing “brake malfunction” by blindly accepting insecure conditions, disturbing business acceleration, and adding significant overhead to your project budget? If your answer is “Yes”, do you know why?

Here are the top 10 information security failures based on our experience when helping our customers to solve their information security problems:

  1. Failure to build information security awareness.
  2. Failure to create, monitor, enforce and consistently implement information security policies.
  3. Failure to conduct an appropriate information security classification process.
  4. Failure to develop a competent internal IT and information security team.
  5. Failure to create integrated security processes between IT – Physical Security – Human Resources.
  6. Failure to identify the risks introduced by people, process and technology.
  7. Failure to define proper information security strategies for each information security classification level.
  8. Failure to securely manage IT systems.
  9. Failure to effectively manage IT security technology.
  10. Failure to prepare for information security incident.

Why do our services help you to maintain good “brakes”?

XecureIT is a trusted and reliable partner for our customers, helping them accelerate their businesses securely since 2005. Our 20 year world wide experience in dealing with information security is an invaluable resource that you can use to significantly improve your information security.

Benefits of using XecureIT services:

– Stay focused on your business!
Accelerate your business by exploiting unlimited virtual world opportunities. Our services help you to keep it secure.
– Cost efficient and cost effective!
Buying and maintaining security technology is expensive. Building and maintaining a competent internal security team is very expensive.
– Ready to use trusted and competent security team!
We carefully recruit trusted people who are passionate about information security. We continuously improve our competencies through our excellence training classes, research and development, and daily learning processes.
– Fully customized: No size fits all!
Our security solutions are created to accommodate various levels of information security needs of integrity, confidentiality and availability.
– Holistic information security strategy!
Relying only on technology to secure your business is the biggest mistake. Our end-to-end information security services focus on how to ensure secure processes are consistently implemented by taking into account country laws and regulations, organization culture, security policy and procedure, physical security, people security awareness and behavior, and technology.

We solve your unique business challenge. We innovate specific security solutions to support your business needs, such as implementation of:

  • Secure virtual data room to provide access for world wide investors or
  • Secure remote offices and mobile employees.
  • Secure B2B system connection with business partners.
  • Secure internet and intranet web application.
  • Secure email and collaboration.
  • Secure online file server.
  • Secure remote support and remote administration.

Our services have solved our customers information security issues, such as:

  • Assess security policies, procedures, architecture and systems configuration vs business risks.
  • Develop internal information security competencies.
  • Redesign and harden existing IT systems.
  • Improve the effectiveness of existing security technology.
  • Provide integrated security assurance.
  • Provide secure IT infrastructure.

How can we help your organization? See our Business Case Examples