Business Cases

Not-For-Profit Organizations

We have similar backgrounds and activities with you. We have supported many social activities that strongly contribute to community development in Indonesia. We also provide non-commercial or pro bono services.

Small and Medium Organizations

Our cost effective XecureHosting services allow you to have secure email and collaboration systems, internal or external file sharing, web server, remote access, and other enterprise level IT facilities without requiring to recruit numerous people for internal IT and information security teams to deal with sophisticated IT infrastructure and security technology.

Large Organizations

Trust is good, control is better. In a high level security environment, ensuring only authorized people can access authorized resources using authorized processes is mandatory. If you have a dedicated internal security monitoring team then our security systems optimization services can improve the effectiveness of your existing security monitoring technology. If separation of duties is very important for your business but you do not want add more people to your IT team then our Real Time Integrated Security Monitoring Service is the right solution.

Financial Institutions

Many IT security technologies have been implemented such as: multi layer firewall, IDS, IPS, DLP, anti virus, security token, SSL/TLS, IPsec, and strong encryption. Various security standards and regulations have been followed, such as ISO 27001, PCI DSS, etc. Why is the fraud rate still very high? We have been consulted to investigate financial fraud cases and to propose improvements. Our holistic services will help you to significantly improve the security of existing business processes, technology and people awareness.

Critical Infrastructure and Industrial System

Almost all SCADA or Digital Control System (DCS) installations have criticial operating system or application vulnerabilities. The network is no longer isolated as it was in the early 80’s. Somewhere and somehow, there are connections to hostile office systems. We have years of experiences in DCS security. Some multinational corporations have used our services to improve their DCS security from high grade attacks.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan

A lot of organizations have created Disaster Recovery Center (DRC). We have observed that many of them will not work in a real world disaster as defined on their DRP document, especially in the case of a regional or nationwide natural disaster. 80% of DRP implementations do not consider family aspects and appropriate voice communication facilities. Our consulting services help you to ensure a workable DRP is in place to help your business survive in case of a disaster.

Physical Security

“Nothing works more in a thief’s favor than people feeling secure.” wrote Bill Mason, who stole more than US$ 35 million of jewels, in his book Confessions of a Master Jewel Thief. Today, an Access Control System (ACS) consists of a secure building entrance, elevator access and office or data center area. We managed to access various data centers, open office doors without being noticed and take control of the ACS management system during various penetration test projects. The physical security of network cables between floors and fiber optic (FO) connections between offices are always considered private. We have found cases where a UTP connection between floors was tapped and a major FO provider installing a switch above a toilet door in one of the buildings in Jakarta. Our services help you to effectively manage such big risks .