Substantive IT Security Audit using In-Depth Vulnerability Assessment Techniques, 5 Days

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Many auditors find that doing substantive IT security audit is very challenging. Most of audit checklists are not comprehensive, do not provide the security reasons behind them and treat each checklist item as an independent issue.

We strongly recommend this training for any auditors, IT professionals or IT security professionals who can not clearly answer some following basic questions:

  1. Why it is too easy to compromise 99.9% of current SSL implementation?
  2. What condition(s) could turn VPN into a tool that helps adversary?

This course provides clear understanding and experiences how to comprehensively identify and measure the criticality of findings by analyzing people, process, technology and physical problems as an integrated issue.XecureIT has developed this training module to help attendees having the professional hacker’s techniques and mindset. The training participants will be provided with various security tools to perform in-depth vulnerability assessment (VA).

Who should attend?
IT and Information Security Professional, such as: Consultant, Auditor, Manager, Engineer and Administrator

Key Benefits:

  • 20% theory, 20% workshop and 60% hands-on to simulates real VA activity.
  • Systematically analyzes the conditions.
  • Comprehensively collect the information from auditee, documentation, observation and systems.
  • Provides know how to use various VA tools and analyze their report.
  • Learns various social engineering techniques.
  • Builds professional hacker’s mindset to understand real world attacks.


  • Risks and Threats Overview
  • Art of Vulnerability Assessment
  • Pentest vs Vulnerability Assessment
  • Information Gathering
  • Network Mapping
  • Vulnerability Mapping
  • Assessment Report

This training is decided in 2 part. Part I (3 Days) and Part II (2 Days)
Schedule of SecurityFirst Training and Certification Programs (click here)

SecurityFirst Training Room or Hotel Meeting Room, Jakarta (Depends on the participants number)

Fee and Payment
Rp. 10,000,000,- / person + 10% VAT, include

  • 5 days training
  • Training Material
  • 2 x Coffe Break 1 x Lunch
  • Certificate of Attendance

Discount 10% for

  • 2 people or more from the same company
  • Early registration: 2 weeks before the class

Payment via transfer to
BCA Cab. Kalimalang
a/c 230 357 7777
a/n PT. IMAN Teknologi Informasi


For more information and registration, please contact:

education[at] or +62 811 91 27001


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We had provided in house training to develop information security competencies inside various organizations, such as: Bank Indonesia, BPMIGAS, Deloitte, Dirjen Pajak, IBM, National Crypto Agency, etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to develop a competent information security team inside your organization.

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