XecureClient is highly secure end-point solution to access highly sensitive systems and information, especially to deal with high grade attack. XecureClient must be used together with XecureGateway to create XecureZone Architecture.

XecureClient can be functioned as secure server, secure administrator or auditor workstation (XecureAdmin) or secure forensic workstation (XecureForensic).

Benefits :

  • Good balance between security vs cost and convenience
  • Ultimately prevent data leaked by unaware or malicious users, including IT administrator
  • Data inside XecureClient can not be copied, sent or printed unless authorized
  • Allow employees or business partners to access sensitive information securely via Internet
  • Allow contractors to support or manage sensitive systems securely via Internet
  • Open new office or mobile office or disaster recovery facilities securely
  • Simplify workstation deployment process and technical support for remote offices that have no IT support
  • Conveniently implement XecureZone Architecture as ultimate solution to protect highly sensitive information
  • Above Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements

Key Features :

  • Can run any Linux and Windows based-application
  • User friendly to securely access highly sensitive systems using any type of connections (LAN, Wi-Fi, 3G)
  • Fully customized based to meet specific business needs
  • Multiple form (bootable USB, bootable DVD or Virtual Machine) for various security level
  • Running in any PC/Laptop or as virtual machine
  • Fully managed end-point security through Centralized XecureClient Management System (XecureGateway)
  • Fully supported by XecureIT

Key Security Features :

  • One dedicated secure “workstation” for individual user.
  • Enforce Username – Password – Machine Authentication
  • Enforce mutual authentication using client digital certificate authentication
  • As strong authentication token
  • Can enforce user digital signature for non-repudiation
  • Enforce outbound information control
  • Client integrity assurance and enforcement mechanism
  • Only authorized software or processes can installed and executed
  • No pirated software, backdoor or malware
  • Full network traffic isolation and encryption
  • Full disk encryption
  • Deleted files can be recovered
  • User can decrypt only less sensitive operating system partition to boot and to connect to XecureGateway
  • Only together with XecureGateway, user can decrypt client data partition and sensitive operating system files
  • Operating System source code and components can be fully audited to ensure no backdoor