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“Conducting IT Security Research Legally and Ethically”

WhiteHackerLab, XecureIT Division of Research and Development, researches specific problems and creates enterprise solutions for our customers to face their specific information security challenges and successfully accelerated their business. We also develop free IT security solutions for IT security professionals and for public.

Common Projects

  • XecureBrowser is a FREE solution for bank’s customers to significantly increase the security of Internet Banking (iBank). It is developed based on Firefox technology as one of the most secure browsers with more than 300 millions users.
  • XecureWAF Web Application Firewall
    Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL Injection attacks are 2 primary challenges of web application protection. Generic firewall can not detect XSS and SQL Injection attacks inside SSL traffic.

    XecureWAF sits between vulnerable web application server and firewall, blocks any attacks “permitted” by firewall. For e-commerce transaction and highly sensitive server, Hardware Security Module (HSM) can be installed inside the XecureWAF appliance protecting server private key which is in common configuration are not protected, especially from insider attacks.

  • XecureClient
    Many organizations, including banking industry, have a lot of difficulties to ensure the protection of workstation in distributed environment. Inside “internal” networks, organizations have used unsecured wide area connections provided by third party, have difficulties to ensure physical security of remote offices, and to much information are accessible and stored inside vulnerable PC or Laptop.

    XecureClient provides truly end-to-end encryption while transmitting sensitive information and full storage encryption to ensure only authorized people have access, including in less secure physical environment. XecureClient enables organizations to open remote office anywhere at anytime without compromising the security policies.

  • XecureBTpro v1.0 is 4GB bootable USB for doing security research, audit or penetration testing. It is loaded with modified Backtrack 3.0 and other hacking tools for Windows and Linux. XecureBTpro v1.0 was distributed to Information Security Professional Network (ISPN) members during ISPN Seminar.
  • Local Malware Lab
    Our malware researchers are collecting and analyzing all local malware variants (worm, virus, trojan, etc). We collaborate with well-known anti virus vendors to ensure immediate update in their anti virus database.

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