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XecureBrowser is a FREE solution for bank’s customers to significantly increase the security of Internet Banking (iBank). It is developed based on Firefox technology as one of the most secure browsers with more than 300 millions users. XecureBrowser is created to response the increase of Internet Banking robbery cases in various countries, such as USA, UK, Germany, including Indonesia.

XecureIT research on iBank vulnerability has shown that it is easy to rob bank’s customer money without being detected by the bank’s internet security system. The techniques of cracking the SSL implementation and stealing the security token have been shown in detail to the banking industry.

XecureIT is a company providing information security CARE (Consultancy, Assurance, R&D and Education) services. XecureIT has been certified ISO 27001 Information Security Management System accredited by the British Standards Institution. XecureIT actively increases public information security awareness in Indonesia. Click here for more about XecureIT.

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